Mexico + Guatemala diy trip guide

The path lies from the village of Frontera-Corozal. You can get there from Palenque by taking a tour, by bus or by rented car.

Tours are usually offered (I did not visit it myself) in the package Yashchilan + Bonampak. In Pedras Negras, no one will offer you a tour for the reason that it is a little illegal.

mexico ancient city

Since the city is located in Guatemala and the legal issues with crossing the border are difficult due to the fact that from the nearest border office, where you will be given a visa, to the city itself, you can row 100 kilometers along the Usumacinta River. Plus, the Mexicans came up with some kind of troubles with a visa for an electronic permit.

It is a one-time trip and involves crossing the border only by air. That is, it will not be possible to officially exit and enter Mexico back with it. But the good thing is that in this place, the dense land of Latin American gouging, everyone is absolutely purple on your visa.

mexico desert

To get the stamps that on this side of the Usumacinta, that on the other, you will have to look for yourself (if you need it) border guards officers and ask them to make all the necessary formalities.

All we had to do was swim to Pedras Negras and come back. Why Pedras Negras? This slightly piquant name is translated to the Russian ear only as “black stones”.

On the bank of the river, there is a rock made of black stone on which the sign is engraved. The city was the center of the Mayak state, which disappeared in the early 9th century AD. Little touched by the hand of an archaeologist, and few people visit it. In Piedras Negras, you can feel the vast city sleeping under the blanket of the jungle.

mexico castle

To see how the once magnificent temples crawling with monkeys. Walk between the tombstones of great kings. There are no hordes of tourists, no bribe takers, no obsessive helpers. Simply, quietly, quietly.

So we docked at the Hotel Nueva Alianza, which is almost opposite the ferry crossing. The hour was not early, and the boatmen, having rolled the tourists to Yashchilan, ran about their Indian affairs.

The bidding had to be conducted on the hotel’s respeshnen with a mixture of Spanish English words and gestures. In the end, they haggled for 5,000 pesos, but the bargain with the boatmen would probably be more profitable.

Pedras Negras (Piedras Negras)

Earlier in the morning, we go to the river with two people of Indian appearance. We get into the boat, start the engine, the wife does not yet know that crossing the border will be illegal (and generally does not understand where Mexico is and where Guatemala is). I won’t tell you until we sail.

The Indians do not know English, it is useless to explain something through them, so if something happens, we decided to mow down under the stupid one. Vain fears – all the border guards on these shores, apparently all on the drum. On the way, we moored to a shack with a Guatemalan flag raised.

cactus in the Mexico desert

The Usumacinta River is beautiful and virgin. Banks in the dense jungle.

Actually, that’s all. Next, we still had to get out of the cursed Chiapas with its endless cop-army cardons, speed bumps, blurred roads (still the season), but that’s another story.