10 day tour in Italy: price of the trip

Let’s start with the plan and prices for the entire 10-day trip:

Italy (arrival city-Naples) 1 day:

  • Rent headphones for 7 days 30 euros
  • Lunch 30 euros
  • Excursion to Pompeii 22 euros
  • Dinner 13.5 euros

Naples day 2:

  • Lunch 30 euros
  • Shop products 8 euros
  • Ice cream 5 euros
  • Water 4 euros (it was very hot, often bought water)
  • Limoncella 2 bottles 20 euros
  • Taxi 18 euros (mixed up a suitcase on the bus, had to take a taxi for your suitcase to another hotel)

city in italy

Rome, Vatican City Day 3:

  • Excursion to the Vatican and the Colosseum 118 euros
  • Two silver pendants illuminated by the Pope in the Vatican 64 euros
  • Lunch 42 euros
  • Shop products 6 euros
  • Leather bracelet 3 euros

colloseum in rome

Rome day 4:

  • Metro 6 euro
  • The hotel fee for 3 days is 18 euros
  • Conad supermarket 24 euros
  • Panini (sandwich) 3,5 euros

Florence day 5:

  • Water 4.5 euros
  • Ice cream 4.5 euros
  • Cape in the Duomo (you can not enter the temple in clothes with open shoulders and knees) 1.5 euros
  • Leather bracelet 3 euros
  • A fee in a 3* Montecatini hotel for two nights is 4 euros
  • Clothing in the Zara store 80 euros
  • Lunch 8 euros

Florence day 6:

  • McDonald’s 7 euros
  • Entrance to the Boboli Gardens 20 euros
  • Lunch 33 euros
  • Clothing in the OVS store 33 euros
  • Products 7 euros
  • Shop “Everything for 99 cents” 3 euros
  • Earrings in the Accesorize store 9 euros

italian harbor

Venice day 7:

  • Water 3 euros
  • Chips 2.6 euros
  • Boat on the Giudecca Canal 60 euros
  • Lunch 60 euros
  • Souvenirs 2 euros
  • Dinner 17 euros

San Marino, Rimini Day 8:

  • Water 1,2 euro
  • Bracelet 10 euros
  • Lunch 18 euros
  • Water 1.5 eurosPizza 6 euros
  • The fee at the 4* Ariminum hotel for 4 nights is 20 euros

Rimini day 9:

  • Conad supermarket 40 euros
  • Small suitcase 10 euros
  • Lunch 35 euros
  • Products 4 euros

Rimini day 10:

  • Cafe 15 euros
  • Conad supermarket 25 euros
  • Clothing 25 euros
  • Lunch 30 euros

In general, the tour was not bad, but it was better and cheaper to go on your own (I went on my own that year). We practically did not take additional excursions and walked by ourselves without a group. Additional excursions are very expensive and not worth it at all.

As for the “eat” – on average, lunch for two people takes 30 euros. Don’t go to the Vesuvius restaurant in Pompeii. An unpleasant place aimed at a herd of tourists, where you will be tasteless to eat for 15 euros per person. In Naples, I liked the restaurant “Elpoble”.

In Florence, you can eat at the restaurant “La Spada”, which is located on Via Spada, where you can enjoy a Florentine steak and a very delicious tiramisu.

In Venice, the guide offered us lunch for 30 euros per person at the Trattoria Alla Scala. Everything is very tasty, we tried a real Italian tiramisu, this lunch costs 30 euros, we did not regret it, especially since it is still expensive everywhere in Venice.

In Italy, there is a supermarket chain Conad. We usually bought something at the supermarket for dinner. In recent days, they have collected parmesan cheese, sausages, alcohol, balsamic vinegars, sweets, cookies, olive oils. Cheap clothing can be found in the OVS store.

And now, as for the culture. Last year, we went on our own and just went everywhere and watched everything. After this, I still wanted to learn more about what I saw, so I decided to go on a guided tour.

Sightseeing tours were held in Naples, Pompeii, Florence, Venice, Rome and the Vatican. For a couple of hours of review, I did not learn much. I only liked the tour to Pompeii and the Colosseum. Comparing an independent trip and a tour trip, I can safely say – in order not to spoil the impression of this amazing country, do not take cheap tours, go on your own!